San Lorenzo Valley students tackle 10 minute play festival

Opening next week at San Lorenzo Valley High School is a series of student directed/acted ten-minute plays. Today, I had the pleasure of a little online chat with student director Louis “Joey” Kruse about the whole project, his own piece, and the program’s drive to encourage young directors in their craft.
Louis "Joey" Kruse
Paul Sawyer: So tell me about the entire project.
Louis “Joey” Kruse: Well SLVHS has always been very supportive of students who want to direct, however they realized this year that many students may not know how to direct who have an interest. So this year the Drama Boosters decided to have several different directors choose one ten minute play so that the student directed shows can continue to be a part of the SLVHS Drama Year

PS: How many pieces are part of this project?
LJK: There are six, my show "The Choice" "Death Knocks" directed by John Wasielweski, "Pepperoni Apocalypse" by Cassie Beasley, "Blind Date" by Cassandra Stipes, " Easy Credit" by Kayla Staats and "Commander Danny" by Carina Swanberg 

PS: Tell me about your own play. What is the "thought" of the piece?
LJK: Well "The Choice" is a play by British playwright Alex Broun. It is the story of Vince who is falling back into his narcotic addiction, while his best friend Ronnie has flown in to help him see that he has a choice. I chose this piece because it struck me as a real issue in the world that isn’t talked about while going over the broader picture. We all have a choice; who we are friends with, what we put in our bodies, what toothpaste we use… We all have those choices to make, but it's how we let those choices effect us that make us who we are

PS: What has it been like to work with and direct your peers?
LJK: It has been quite an adventure. After being assistant director for SLVHS' Fahrenheit 451 in the fall, I was a little nervous to be directing things on my own, without anyone to help me. But my two actors Peter Horton and Dominique Berritto have been so amazing, always on task (not kidding) always asking questions that make the show grow and evolve, making character choices that amaze me and send chills through me when I watch them. And Jenny Paolini though only have a small bit towards the end of "The Choice" as Vince's daughter, has been wonderful, understanding of the fact she wouldn't work til towards the end of a rehearsal, being fully committed to the show. I have been blessed to work with my amazing first cast

PS: It sounds like you have made a really strong connection to your actors. That is fantastic. It may be the nonsequitor of its title that caught my eye, but can you tell me about "Pepperoni Apocalypse"?
LJK: It’s a story about cultists who believe that the end of the world is near. When the pizza man arrives they believe that the pizza box (a Pandora's box as it were) Holds the end of the world and they will do whatever it takes to get it, including sacrificing one of their own

PS: Wow. Now that is the kind of fun you hope to get in a one-act/ten minute play festival. Sounds like you guys have really latched on to your material. And finally, if you had one reason why people should come and see this festival, what would it be?
LJK: To support local theatre. The directors of these shows have put a lot of work in the last month of rehearsing into getting the actors and the shows together. It has been an amazing experience and I think all who come to see it will be amazed at what students are really capable of making 

PS: Broadway's talent of tomorrow on display today. Break legs to all of your actors, and best of luck to you and your fellow directors!

San Lorenzo Valley High School presents
New Voices: Student Directed Ten-Minute Plays
San Lorenzo Valley High School Performing Arts Center
7105 HWY 9, Felton, CA 95018
April 21-23, 7pm
April 28-30, 7pm
May 1, 2pm
Tickets at the door, General $10, Students/Seniors $8
April 28 tickets for ASB/Community Night - $7
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