Videos for "A Day in the Life of a High School Theatre"‏

"You have no idea how many hours we put in."
"This job comes with an understanding that there will be a lot of overtime."
"You have to be a born multitasker."

Hey HS Theatre teachers! Ever wish the world knew the amount of time, energy, passion, dedication, talent, commitment and heart went into the work you, your students, and volunteers do? Ever wish you could show people the behind the scenes view of what it REALLY takes to make a theatre arts department operate? Here is your chance...

THE HIGH SCHOOL THEATRE SPOTLIGHT is now accepting submissions of videos which chronicle "A Day in the Life of a High School Theatre". We want to see:

-People working hard at their craft
-The power of collaboration between students
-The hours it takes to do what theatrical artisans do (teachers showing up at 7am for prep, leaving at 11pm after a performance, etc.)
-The kind of curriculum being taught in the classroom, on the stage, and in the booth
-The hard work happening at rehearsals
-The FUN and SPIRIT of doing theatre!

And now, the fine print about submissions:
-Submissions must be completed by December 1, 2011, but will be accepted as early as October 31, 2011. The sooner you submit, the sooner you get posted!
-To submit a video, please post it on YouTube and email the link to It will then be posted to
-Please keep running length between 90 and 150 seconds.
-Please include a beginning title screen which states 1) "A Day in the Life of (insert school's name) Theatre" AND 2) "Presented by The High School Theatre Spotlight"
-Please include brief production credits at the end.
-Don't sweat the production values too much, but make sure the video and audio are at least clear.
-Please, NO multiple submissions.
-Feel free to use music, visuals, etc.

Have fun, be creative, and show the world the kind of work you all do in YOUR departments! Get shooting!
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